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A Political Action committee is formed

Posted on Feb 18, 2016

The community of North Myrtle Beach has much to offer to the Grand Strand and its Chamber of Commerce knows it. With an economy that relies heavily on tourism, local businesses and the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB found it important to launch its Political Action Committee (PAC), referred to as BizUnite, to further its commitment to bettering its community, Horry County and the state of South Carolina.
BizUnite began on Jan. 28 with a goal of supporting local and state officials in upcoming offices based on their stance on issues that are valuable to the chamber and its community. At its launch, more than 50 local business leaders came together to give toward this very goal, advocating for North Myrtle Beach and its potential for growth and diversity as a community and market. The PAC will ultimately endorse and make financial contributions to both candidates and issues at the state and local levels to benefit the North Myrtle Beach community.
“The BizUnite PAC is about the business community coming together to have one shared voice,” said Mendel Bell, BizUnite board chairman. “This will allow us to not just protect our businesses, but also forge a path to share our interests with community citizens as well. Through collaboration, we will work to protect their interests, as we advance our political agendas.”
Since its launch, the PAC has successfully raised in excess of $20,000 in support of bringing a brighter future to North Myrtle Beach. In addition to this PAC, the Coastal Chamber Coalition has been created to bring together seven local chambers of commerce in order to provide leadership and funding for regional development. The coalition strives to unite local businesses and government offices on the path of progressive growth for North Myrtle Beach and each of the participating chamber’s surrounding coastal communities.
“This PAC is a step in the right direction for the North Myrtle Beach business community,” said Marc Jordan, president and CEO of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. “We are grateful to come alongside our partners and stand behind initiatives that we believe will hold a bright future for North Myrtle Beach. We hope this will ensure the growth and prosperity of our coastal community.”

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