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Women assume top offices in election

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

By Jennifer Boyd
The last year has been full of ups and downs for political hopefuls in the local area, county and state. Everyone has been on high alert concerning elections and related events. Last Tuesday answered the public’s opinion concerning the candidates they felt should be given the ultimate crown. Each win in their prospective seat or desired position is just the beginning of the hard work and determination needed to make the community a better place to reside.
We can all agree each legislator and hopeful ran a clean and honest campaign except for two. The Horry County Treasurer position, at the last minute, was doused with political smears that rivaled campaigns from the past. It was a “he said, she said” arena, which proved to help one of the candidates, Angie Jones. Jones, who was running against Jonathan Hyman, became one of the nastiest political campaigns the county had seen in decades. Whether you believe in personal attacks upon a person’s private life as fair game remains to be seen.
Out of 209,379 registered voters, only 21,476 votes were cast. There were 194 Democratic votes cast, as opposed to 19,258 Republican votes that were tabulated.
In the state senate District 30, Patrick T. Richardson received 5 votes while his opponent, Kent Williams, received 26 votes, thus Williams is the clear winner.
For the State House of Representatives, District 57, Lucas Atkinson received 15 votes with Lee Walter Jenkin Jr. and Ryan M. Waller receiving 13 votes each.
For District 103, Carl Anderson won 98 votes, as opposed to 23 votes for Dewon Huggins.
State senate District 33 was a highly publicized campaign. Incumbent Luke A. Rankin received the majority of the votes, 5,013, compared to Scott Pyle’s 3,953 votes. Their campaigns were notable for running the most highly entertaining political ads to date.
State senate District 34’s winner was Reese Boyd, who collected 1,854 votes. Joe Ford gained 285, Stephen Goldfinch collected 1,760 and Dick Withington earned 310 votes.
The Clerk of Court position was handed to Renee Norris Elvis as she tallied 11,121 votes to Jordan’s hard-earned 9,320.
The County Treasurer went to Angie Jones. She won with a total of 11,245 votes, to Jonathan Hyman’s 9,253. This particular election was bombarded with political scandal. Each camp, due to political rhetoric, was forced to speak out publically.
County Council District 9 was also a tight race between incumbent Paul Prince and Terry Wright Fowler. This race ended with Prince receiving 1,118 votes to Fowler’s 916.
County Council District 10’s winner is Danny J. Hardee whose 1,508 votes exceeded his rival Devon Blackwell’s 878.
The Board of Education District 4 winner was Scott W. Thompson. He won by 771 votes compared to Robert Palmer’s 291 and Loris native David E. Cox’s 657.
Board of Education District 8 went to John R. Poston. He beat Patricia Gore Milley’s 811 votes, with his sum of 984.
The Board of Education District 9 went to newcomer Chris Hardwick. He compiled 1,054 votes against his opponent James Edwards’ 842 votes.
The last political campaign was between Shanda Allen and Jeffery Garland for the Board of Education, District 11 seat. Allen won with her 1,264 votes, compared to Garland’s 1,119.
All the winners are extended much luck with their political future, and hope they keep in mind the reasons they decided to campaign. Every community requires someone to speak on their behalf and to consider them when they are making important decisions concerning each city and county.

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