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Greg Hembree receives Legislator of the Year

Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Senator Greg Hembree, who represents Horry and Dillon Counties, and Representative Tommy Pope, York County, were named the Legislators of the Year by the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association at their annual awards banquet Monday night. Jarrod Bruder, executive director of the association, and Sheriff Kenny Boone, president of the association, presented the awards.
During his presentation Director Bruder stated, “This association does not give this award annually. It only presents the award when truly outstanding leadership and distinguished service is demonstrated. Senator Hembree guided the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid bill through the Senate this year, but he also served as the floor leader for last year’s Body Camera bill and Domestic Violence Reform bill. He is a strong supporter of law enforcement and he gets things done.”
Senator Hembree, his wife Renee, and Senate majority staff attorney, Donna Elder, were on hand for the event. The association also presented Ms. Elder with a special recognition for her work on the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid bill.
In his remarks to the association Senator Hembree offered, “Public Safety is the primary function of government and it is essential that we keep our citizens safe. If we fail to keep those we serve safe, tax policy and road repairs don’t really matter.”

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