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Council does not adopt the proposed tax

Posted on Aug 4, 2016

By Pat Dowling
The North Myrtle Beach City Council met in a workshop session on Friday, July 29, at city hall to determine its response to a May 2016 letter from the former chairman of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce urging City Council to act immediately to implement by a supermajority vote a one percent sales tax for use in out of area tourism marketing.
Following discussion among Council members and input from the public, City Council directed the city manager to respond to the chamberís letter by saying that City Council will not vote by supermajority to implement the requested tax.
City Council members believe that it is important to first accomplish several necessary capital projects in the city before investing additional amounts of money in inviting more vacationers to the area. Among those capital projects are beach renourishment ($5 million estimated city share), construction of remaining Ocean Outfalls ($60 million estimate) and creating additional near-beach public parking ($16 million estimate).
Even though City Council decided to not adopt the tax proposed by the chamber, council members reiterated their appreciation for the chamberís work in helping to grow tourism in the city and its work in the community in general. City Council expressed its desire to continue to work with the chamber in the future to find funding and other solutions for the community and expressed its hope that councilís decision on this one issue would not polarize the relationship between the two entities.

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