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Cherry Grove dredging project continues moving forward by building disposal basin

Posted on Aug 25, 2016

By Pat Dowling
The Cherry Grove Dredging Project in North Myrtle Beach continues to move forward. The initial dredge is projected to begin in early October 2016 and continue through to mid-March of 2017.
The dredging contract has been awarded to Orion Marine Construction of Tampa, Fla., (, which submitted a low bid of $3,341,069.96.
Five dredging companies were prequalified to bid on the project and two of them, Orion and Marcol Dredging Company of North Charleston, submitted bids.
The current projected total cost of the initial dredging project is $8.2 million. This is close to the cityís original estimate. Total costs include the dredging, contingency for dredging, increasing the capacity of the Tidewater Disposal Basin, project engineering and design, eventual removal of dredged materials from the Tidewater Disposal Basin, marsh mitigation, oyster mitigation, easements and debris removal and more.
Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T) was selected as the lender for the financing for the Cherry Grove Improvement District and also serves as Trustee under the Master Trust Indenture. The bonds have closed.
Preparation of the Tidewater Disposal Basin where the material from the dredging will first be deposited is underway. Crews are raising the sides of the disposal basinís dykes and are also improving drainage so that the dewatering process within the basin will occur as planned. The basin will hold about 125,000 cubic yards of material resulting from the initial pipeline dredge. The material will remain in the disposal basin until it has dewatered and will then be hauled to a final disposal site.
The city is also in the midst of the process of acquiring final easements for placement of the pipeline onshore.

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