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DMV offers special application

Posted on Sep 15, 2016

By Pat Dowling
South Carolina Code of Law ß56-1-205 and 56-3-1920 allows a person who has been certified with uncorrectable hearing loss of 40 decibels or more in one or both ears to obtain a special hearing impaired restriction like emoticon(Y) along with outside mirror restriction (J) on his or her driverís license/beginnerís permit and/or a hearing impaired placard.
This placard and/or driverís license/beginnerís permit restriction is to alert law enforcement and others to the driverís condition and may not be used for special parking privileges.
There is a limit of one placard per applicant. To apply for the restriction and/or the placard, the person must have a current driverís license/beginnerís permit and a physicianís statement certifying the hearing loss. A physicianís statement is not required for a replacement or renewal.
An application can be accessed online at
For answers to questions, call the SC Department of Motor Vehicles at 803-896-5000.
We thank area resident Michelle Barden for this information. Michelle was concerned by a news story about an incident in another state involving a hearing impaired person and law enforcement. She has met with city officials and we have enjoyed talking with her and learning from her.

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