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Special person passes through rollerblading

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

By Ed Vaitis
Over the years I have seen many unusual visitors ‘passing through’ our little town on some mission or other. Some walk, some run, others kayak, canoe or bicycle or drive some weird car or other. But this week I met one of the most interesting couples I ever had the pleasure of talking with.
Meredith and Nate McDonald are very special people on a really important mission and she is doing it by rollerblading from Florida to Boston. Yep, rollerblading! Ouch. I know what my poor ankles feel like after just an hour or two of skating. Meredith will cover more than 1,400 miles, visit 12 states and Washington, D.C., skating more than 30 days and hoping to raise $500,000. Why? To raise awareness of brain injuries and their impact it has on survivors and their caregivers. She has had very personal connections to this malady as Nate suffered severe brain injury in a traffic accident four years ago and was literally a ‘human vegetable’. Meredith was his primary caregiver and it took more than a year of physical therapy just to have him take a few steps.
Her goal is to raise $500,000 to start the BigLife Campus and build a network for brain injury survivors and their caregivers nationwide.
She wants to expand the BigLife Ambassador program to bring their mission to thousands of communities throughout the nation. Go to for more information or Facebook at iambiglife.
Donations are most welcome and every penny will go to help a brain injured person or their caretakers. There is a brain injury every 21 seconds in the USA and more than 2,000,000 people currently have brain injuries. She considers every donation as “big” and it will have a lasting impact on many lives. This is a family mission so while Meredith skates, Nate drives the truck behind her with lights flashing and music blaring while grandma and their five year old daughter follow along behind in support in a new car donated to them by a local car dealership. This is truly a fantastic young couple with big plans.
Perhaps we can help make their dream come true. I love them because they dream for others and not themselves. Remember

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