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Parking lots requiring payment to be posted

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

By Pat Dowling
During the regularly scheduled Dec. 19, North Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, employee longevity awards were presented to public safety officer Aaron Jones (10 years of service) and principal planner Aaron Rucker (10). Longevity awards are provided in five-year increments to those employees who demonstrate consistent customer service excellence.
City Council reappointed Ed Prince for a second term on the Accommodations Tax Committee and appointed Mike Harrell to a first term on the Accommodations Tax Committee.
City Council approved a special event permit for the 10th Annual New Year’s Day Prediction Run sponsored by the Grand Strand Running Club. The Jan. 1, 2017, event will be held from 10 to 11 a.m. at Barefoot Resort.
City Council approved a special event permit for the 34th Annual North Myrtle Beach Winter Run to be held on Jan. 21, 2017, from 9 to 10:30 a.m., on Main Street. The annual event offers 5K and 15K runs and is sponsored by the Grand Strand Running Club.
City Council passed second (final) reading of an ordinance to rescind section 21-39 of the Code of Ordinances for the City entitled, “Pay and Display Parking.”
The city will no longer use the Pay and Display method of payment for city parking lots that require payment. In place of Pay and Display, those who want to park in city-owned parking lots that require payment will use the Passport Parking app from a smart phone or a tablet to pay to park. For those who do not use a smart phone or tablet, Passport Parking also allows payment via standard cellular phone or a payment through its website.
City parking lots requiring payment will be posted with signage informing users of the payment method, where they can download the app for free (Apple’s App Store or Google Play), a web address for online payment and a phone number to call if they do not have a smart phone or tablet.
City Council passed second reading of an ordinance authorizing the city manager to establish paid parking lots and paid parking zones and to establish the method of payment for the same.
The ordinance also authorizes the city manager to establish certain city-owned parking lots, public street ends and parking areas within public rights of way as paid parking lots and/or parking zones. The city manager may also establish the method for payment of the posted parking fees via kiosks or meters, mobile phone apps, pay-by-internet or phone or any other method of payment that may be available.
The city has for several years had one Pay and Display parking lot on 4th Avenue South adjacent to a large resort accommodation.
Because they are very often filled throughout the day with cars belonging to the employees and guests of adjacent resort accommodations, making it necessary for families with children, older persons and others to park on the second row and lug their equipment to the beach, the city now plans to turn three oceanfront public parking lots at 3rd Avenue North, 4th Avenue North and 3rd Avenue South into paid parking lots. The 3rd Avenue South parking lot is being reconfigured and will be turned into a paid parking lot when the work is completed.
The parking lot at 4th Avenue South was turned into a paid facility for the same reasons.
The parking fee at the parking lots will be $1 per hour.
City Council passed second reading of an ordinance rescinding the current language of code section 21-33 and replacing it with language authorizing the use of an immobilization device or boot on vehicles parked on public property that have been declared a public nuisance.
Vehicles found parked on any street or other public property, which are found to be the subject of $75 or more past due on previous traffic or parking citations, will be declared to be a public nuisance. The owner of the vehicle will be required to pay all outstanding traffic and or parking citations prior to the release of the vehicle to the owner.
City Council tabled until its Feb. 6, 2017, meeting first reading of an ordinance to amend the Barefoot Resort Dye Club Planned Development District (PDD). Coastal Resort Holdings has requested a reconfiguration of Tract IMF-3 located in the Dye Club by changing the approved residential uses from detached to attached, increasing the approved density and creating a new parking lot and site design.
City Council held a Dec. 14 workshop to discuss the proposed changes. At the workshop the developer introduced some significant and welcome modifications to his original presentation offered at the Dec. 5 City Council meeting.
The North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission will review the developer’s proposed modifications at a Jan. 10, 2017, meeting.
City Council tabled until its Feb. 20, 2017, meeting second reading of an ordinance to amend the Bahama Island Planned Development District, also known as North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Drydock. An associated Development Agreement must be completed before second reading can occur.
City Council tabled first reading of an ordinance to rezone 9.33 acres of land located at the corner of Hillside Drive and 10th Avenue South from R-1 (Single Family Residential Low Density) to R-1B (Single Family Residential Low-Medium Density). With the exception of one lot with a single family home, the property is vacant and undeveloped as a remnant secondary dune. City Council will hold a Jan. 4, 2017, 2 p.m. public workshop to discuss the proposed rezoning.
No regularly scheduled City Council meetings will be held in January. City Hall is closed on Monday, Jan. 2, and it is also closed on Jan. 16, 2017, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. City Council does have the option of scheduling special council meetings, which would be announced in advance.

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