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Flowers sets pageant at Dunes Club at beach

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

By Jennifer Boyd
For those who know Joe Flowers, you know his dedication to the betterment of pageantry is real. For decades, he has guided and trained young women to not only gain confidence to walk the pageant stage, but to learn the value of striving to excel in the classroom.
He realizes beauty is only skin deep, which is why he has thrown his energy into a local scholarship pageant that will eventually take two winners to the Miss South Carolina Pageant four months after being crowned Miss Greater Grand Strand and Miss Teen Greater Grand Strand. This coveted title has brought back a classy scholarship pageant that will enable two lucky winners to fulfill a young girl’s dream... of walking the Miss South Carolina Pageant stage.
Flowers is no stranger to pageants. For decades, he has placed so many smiles on young ladies’ faces by coaching them on poise, talent, their walk, interview techniques and overall appearances before entering pageants. His expertise has also enabled him to become the premier judge in Horry County, while maintaining his expertise as a coveted mentor for those seeking to win a local or state title. This experience has become the catalyst in his desire and drive to re-build a pageant system in the Grand Strand area. His motto, “Go big or go home,” and his dream to “Promote a pageant that focuses on the entire package that stresses the importance of discovering an overall rounded young lady who exudes confidence on the pageant stage,” is his reasoning to go the extra step in pageantry. Without a doubt, he is determined to be affiliated with young ladies who have the ability and drive to take a state crown and title home.
Flowers has recently traveled the media circuit promoting the pageant. He appeared on Carolina and Co. for a live taping last Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 12 noon. That same day, he held a tea party for contestants, family members, media and the city council. He is covering his bases to reach the masses because he is dedicated and serious about this pageant.
Any young lady who resides in Horry County is asked to participate in this preliminary pageant that, if won, will proceed to the highest state pageant South Carolina has to offer a young lady. The miss and teen winner of his pageant will automatically be eligible to compete in the upcoming Miss South Carolina Pageant in June.
Talent, interview, evening gown, swimsuit for the miss division and fitness for the teen division will not only be required for this preliminary pageant, but will also be required at the state level.
To participate in this groundbreaking pageant, contact Flowers at 843-390-0192 or The pageant will be held on Saturday, Feb. 4, at 4 p.m. at the prestigious Dunes Club at 9000 N. Ocean Blvd. in Myrtle Beach.

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