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Council meeting pleasant

Posted on Jun 22, 2017


By Jennifer Boyd
The monthly city council meeting was full of praise for several jobs that were well-executed within the community. Several people had the opportunity to stand and thank others who had been part of past events that were deemed a success for the city of Loris. All-in-all, the July monthly meeting went smoothly.
It was announced Coastal RTA will begin their official bus route to Loris on August 14. They will have a bus stop located in the Hills Grocery Store parking lot, which is well lit for optimal safety for bus riders. It was stated, however, the community must utilize the Coastal RTA bus program to instill its longevity within the Loris community due to the fact the bus service depends upon a certain amount of riders to keep a bus stop in operation. It’s up to the city of Loris to work together and get the word out to the public they have this service up and running, while assuring the public the rates are reasonable while keeping their rides down to a minimum time. Mayor Henry Nichols stated, “If you do not use it (the transportation service) we will lose it.”
A representative of the Loris Chamber of Commerce addressed the council concerning the past Miss South Carolina Teen Scholarship Pageant and the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Pageant that was recently held in Columbia. Several Board of Directors, including the Mayor and his wife, attended the magical event several weeks ago. Mayor Nichols and wife, Veda Nichols, were personally thanked for attending the two-day pageant.
City administrator, Damon Kempski, discussed an upcoming municipal meeting that will be held in Hilton Head from July 19-24. This will be a great opportunity for them to network, discuss state issues and spend time discussing other city and town issues.
Kempski also discussed an upcoming inventory assessment with the city of Loris. He stated, “We will start department inventories within the city to make-sure each department’s equipment is up and running properly.” The budget was also a topic of conversation. Kempski stated the city of Loris was focusing on getting the budget ready for the audit on July 31.
He was pleased with the employees of Loris who had recently banded together to plant flowers, patch sidewalks and place flags around Loris in remembrance of the recent Memorial Day holiday.
Kevin Gause addressed the council and praised the 70 children who had participated in a recent football camp over a month ago. He also praised Josh Singleton, the Recreation Department Head, for his outstanding service to Loris and the recreation department. Several of the children who had participated in the football camp were on-hand to lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance, which was a special moment for everyone. Gause said, “Kids touch our hearts and we need to work together to get more kids involved. We are dedicated to our children. We don’t make a dime coaching or doing what we do. Let’s begin to partner with the city and work together. Let’s step-up to the challenge of helping our kids.” He also discussed up-and-coming events in the near future for other camps that are in the works. Future dates will be announced soon.

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