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Fox is on a role of a lifetime

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

By Jennifer Boyd
There is no doubt Cora Bella Fox is the next up-and-coming star of Loris. Although she is only eight years young, her talent and abilities on and off the screen and stage are truly remarkable. Those who know and love this young lady are excited for the bright future she will experience, one marquee spot at a time.
When I first sat down to interview this young star, it became apparent to me she had an extreme capacity to showcase compassion for others. She mentioned the Tooth Fairy had visited her the night before and felt her money should be spent purchasing balloons she could share with her friends.
Fox, who is the talented daughter of Jeannie Tyler Fox of Loris and the grandchild of Jewel B. Tyler, also of Loris, and Larry and Carole Tyler of Longs, is beyond her age in years.
She has already compiled a lengthy list of commercials, print ads, modeling gigs and of course a movie and a few television shows. Not bad for a child who hasn’t even blown nine candles off a birthday cake.
At the age of seven months, Fox won her first award, the title of Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival’s Baby Miss. At the tender age of two, Fox was modeling. She entered a photo contest with other children ranging from 0-18 years of age and won the overall modeling award. Her family realized she was destined for the stars.
She proceeded to model for Print for Product, while doing an online campaign for CMMS Studios in Loris. Pictures taken during that particular session were sent to potential casting, acting and modeling companies.
Her first acting gig was for the “Stinky Feet the Short Film,” out of Wilmington. Although both of her scenes were cut from the film in June 2014, she knew she wanted to become an actress. This wasn’t a disappointment to Fox, due to the fact she met several friends that would provide several opportunities for her bright future.
This experience led to a television commercial for Movement Works out of Shallotte and background work on the feature film, “London Town,” which was directed by the acclaimed Derrick Borte. She was also cast and was paid to work on the first season of TNT’s “Good Behavior,” and CBS’s “The Inspectors.”
While working on “The Inspectors,” she made friends with several household names. Terry Serpico, who acted on the hit show “Army Wives,” was one of the first famous people Fox had the experience to meet. She also acted with Bret Green, Harrison Knight and the lovely Erica-Marie Sanchez. Fox said, “I had so much fun working on this show. It’s one of my favorite shows on television and I really liked everyone I got the chance to meet.”
Not to turn away an acting job, Fox also set her sights to work on a music video for the up-and-coming artist Ant Hymn. This particular video was directed by Dennis White who portrayed Notorious BIG in a mini-series.
Fox also loves working on the theatre stage. At the young age of five, she was recommended to take the stage a full year earlier than the director accepted child actors. She blew everyone’s minds with her love for the acting craft and her ability to work long hours required to put on large productions. Her recent plays include Holiday on Main, which she sang a solo of the song “One Special Cookie.” She has also recently played a cute baby lioness for The Lion King production, all of which was performed under the Coastal Grand Theatre in Conway. Other plays include a music box ballerina and a toy soldier for the Babes in Toyland production, James and the Giant Peach, Jr., A Country Christmas, A Christmas Story, Shrek, Jr. and Sleeping Beauty. Each has been wonderful plays she has shared her talent to brighten the stage. Every play and performance is also a stepping stone for future acting jobs.
Don’t let her fool you, she is also an acclaimed singer, artist, chef, loves fishing and above all loves God and her family. Ten years from now, she knows she will be on a stage or in front of a camera doing what she does best...proving she has what it takes to become the up and coming quintessential “Girl Next Door.”
Her mom recently said, “As long as she stays beautiful on the inside, I’ll allow her to continue her path and conquer her dreams. She is the love of my life and whatever she decides to do with her life I will support her. Her love for the Lord is also beyond wonderful. I pray she will always stay humbled by the gifts she’s been given.”

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