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Cavanaugh announces for re-election
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Cavanaugh announces for re-election

Posted on Jul 13, 2017

Councilman Bob Cavanaugh chose the North Myrtle Beach Chamber’s meeting room for his formal announcement on Monday, July 10, that he is running for re-election to the North Myrtle Beach City Council At-Large seat this November.
The theme for his campaign is “Moving Forward Together” because Cavanaugh emphasized that the business community with the chamber, the city and the residents must work together to insure this city maintains the quality of life we have “as North Myrtle Beach grows into its destiny as the premier shopping and tourist center of the northern Grand Strand”.
Cavanaugh had others highlighting his accomplishments while on Council. Marilyn Hatley, mayor of the city of North Myrtle Beach, spoke first about the fact that he is “the numbers guy on Council”, and that he is known for his research. Ed Prince, a well-known business leader for 40 years, reviewed the business community’s perspective of Cavanaugh as a Council person willing to work with developers to insure the “project can be both successful and responsive to the community needs”. The city’s two largest HOA associations followed with positive input. Cathy Weis from Tidewater spoke of Cavanaugh’s support for their “concerns of density, traffic and road safety”. Glen Talley from Barefoot Resort’s HOA talked about Cavanaugh’s “clear moral and honest character” and his willingness to “listen to concerns, clearly explain the constraints and help us evaluate workable options”.
Cavanaugh talked about the two major concerns that the city will face during the next four years, taxes and evolving our tourist-based economy into a more self-sustaining economy with an increased off-season portion. He started with property taxes and continued with business taxes. He stated his research said in all areas we are the lowest by far in Horry County. He summed up by saying, “We are very good stewards of public money, but not penny-wise and pound foolish.” He continued, “Our service is top-notched and the primary reason is Council direction, staff leadership and a strong financial control system.”
Cavanaugh next covered the changing tourist economy. He sees two challenges ahead, capital funding for the city for significant infrastructure and environmental challenges and a predictable new source of money for tourist development to support that changing market. He sees solutions ahead, following his “Moving Forward Together” theme.
Cavanaugh ended by officially announcing his running for the City Council At-Large seat in this year’s election.