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Plane crashes in NMB
Local NMB News  |  07.12.2018 1:11 pm  |  8  |  A+ | a-
By M. L. Jordan
A small biplane made a crash landing Monday morning at Grand Strand Airport in North Myrtle Beach.

The crash happened at approximately 11 a.m., with emergency crews responding after reports of a crash.

As crews worked the scene, the plane sat on the runway with one of its wings tilted into a ditch. In addition, a small crowd gathered along the fence of the airport after word of the crash spread.

Three people were on the plane, including two passengers and the pilot, when it ran off the south runway. According to the North

Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department, there were no injuries as a result.

Authorities currently believe faulty landing gear may be the reason behind the incident.

The aircraft that crashed was a World War II-era Waco biplane. According to the Myrtle Beach Air Tours website, the biplane has been giving aerial tours in the North Myrtle Beach area since 1995.
According to the plane’s tail number, it is owned by Executive Helicopters Inc., and stationed out of Grand Strand Airport in North Myrtle Beach. The website also stated that Myrtle Beach, until Monday, biplanes had a 100 percent safety record.

Representatives for the plane company did not respond to requests for comment after the crash.