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Brian Church is an Exceptional Father

Gentle, encouraging, and protectors….These are some of the words we could use to describe a loving father. In most families, dads are the cornerstone: leading their families, providing for their children, and supporting the needs of their families.

Brian Church, a local father in North Myrtle Beach serves as a prime example of an exceptional father. Brian is married to Christine church and together they have three children: Jared (28), Joshua (Deceased), and Erin (23). Brian has led his family with honor and grace to ensure that his wife is secure and his children were raised in the correct manner.

“I can remember wanting to be a Dad when I grew up, I was fortunate to be raised by parents who made family a priority,” Brian stated.

Having grown up in a divided household, his father says, inspired him to build a loving family. As a result of watching his father lead a healthy family, he aspired to follow in his footsteps. Generations pass down the attributes of fatherhood, with each generation learning a new method of raising children.

 “I could not ask for a better example of a father and husband,” Brian stated, “Parenting is more of an art form than a science; we only have one real example of a perfect father.”

Brian and Christine lost Joshua at only 7 months of age, which was a painful loss for them.  “Having lost a child I understand the unspeakable grief when a child suffers with an illness.” Even though becoming a father brings strife occasionally, Brian says he would not trade it for the world.

There is one job every father has, and that is to be a role model for their children. In the same way, you start riding a bike with training wheels and then remove them later. It is always comforting to know we have a loving father that is there for support.

Although fathers are not perfect and make countless mistakes while raising their children, they learn from those mistakes and apply them for the good of their families.

“Only a good father would understand that we don’t want gifts on Father’s Day, we just want our children to acknowledge our love for them.”

As mentioned above, Brian has not only been a role model to his children but his wife Christine. Anyone who knows Brian is honored to shake his hand; He is a Godly, profound, and unforgettable individual.

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