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Chairman Harold WORLEY and board members Lulu QUICK, Janet HARROLD and Bayles MACK inviting all “Living Legends” to make plans to attend the annual party and induction ceremony May 17-18 at Fat Harold’s Beach Club for the oldest legendary shag organization in beach history events… Laura and Frank VALLONE keeping up with all the happenings in their former beach home area as they are now enjoying life in Mullins… Vicki KEIBLER working hard to be number one in the nation in memberships as she is now in the number two spot… Dr. Whitney McLEOD sending mom Charli just the right prescription information… Mendel BELL such a nice person… Jimmy FLOYD keeping in touch and looking forward to working the crossword puzzles… Welcome back Terri MASON who will now be appearing at Patio’s Tiki Bar on the waterfront in Little River… Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union announces the employment of August MIZE and the promotion of Brittany WOODWARD to Little River Branch Manager… Judy and John CORLEY ready to come back home to the beach… The “NIGHT OWL” enjoying several birds singing some relaxing tunes at 3 a.m. last Monday morning??? Saturday is a very special day for Eileen FOX??? Tami BLAND adding a year on Wednesday… Lois WATKINS and Dana planning a trip to beach for several days… A great big thanks to Sarah BROWN for her very kind comments… Jody and Dick BLACKBURN very pleasant early Sunday morning… Gracie WILLIAMS so happy about helping the Current Transitions students… Tyrone VEREEN making service call at beach late Tuesday night… Harold WORLEY sharing his opinions with long time friend on several topics of importance… Mark SMALL proud of his 1971 collector’s item… Rex KEIBLER liking that “light up” snowman pillow??? Jimmy FLOYD always checking on our local residents and caring about their well being… Marsheila VEREEN enjoying her work inside the classroom after many years of driving a school bus with very special students… James GAUSE adding nice plants to his new business landscaping… Not long before that special day event arrives for Patsy DEW and MR. JIM??? Lynne BELL and her mother spending some time recently at their mountain house… Gerri McDANIEL such a special and dear person who works hard all the time… Happy birthday to Eileen FOX, Pam MANESS, Jeanette PRITCHARD, Graceann PHILLIPS, Nancy HIGH, Jeff WHITE, Peggy ANDERSON, Allan WATKINS, Tom O’DARE, Billy COSEY and Dick STEELE… Anniversay wishes to Jo Ellen and Eugene SELLERS and Robin and Mickey SHELTON…

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