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Members met at the home of Mayola Williams for their monthly meeting. She welcomed the members of Ebony Garden Club to her home and served light refreshments. The meeting began promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Ebony Garden Club Gain Rewards

The Ebony Garden Club in Loris was established in 1963. They are not as well known as the Loris Garden Club, but they do their due diligence in helping make their neighborhoods a prettier place to live.

Melvina Lewis is the current president of the club. She has many great ideas and plans for 2019 in helping to bring in speakers and professionals to meet with the garden club.

Club members are Mayola Williams, Clara Vareen, Hattie Best, Melzetta Gore, Lutie Floyd, Brenda Brigman, Ruby Melvin, Carol Covington and Veda Nichols, with charter members Mary Swenton and Barbara Stephens.
Williams hosted the December meeting at her home on Maple Street.

Each member was greeted with excitement and laughter with light refreshments served. Williams caught the attention of friends wearing a Mrs. Santa suit and a most welcoming hostess.

The Ebony Garden Club members share their gardening tips and tricks during their meetings. This group works mostly in their own yards, but they are willing to reach out to anyone wanting to learn how to bring the appearance of their yards to a garden of flowers, trimmed trees and beautifying their personal space to share with friends and neighbors.

These ladies are not spring chickens and don’t scanter through the streets making suggestions to their neighbors how to improve their landscape. These ladies want to share their knowledge with others and in their monthly meetings they discuss the many ways to help one another and to share with others.

Sharing roses and learning to grow them from a stem helps with the cost of the rose bushes in their yards. Sharing seeds, seedlings and whatever they find appealing is another perk of being a club member.

The group works with Eugene Bellamy and Mr. Green from Loris Middle School. They assist with the young men at the school once a year helping them to become more gentle and learn how to hold out a chair, open a door and how to treat a lady.

There is always room for one or two more. As a matter of fact they would love to gain memberships of those younger to carry on their tradition.

To become a member or to speak with the group, contact Melvina Lewis at 843-756-6819. They do not win awards, but gain rewards.