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North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club raises Elder Abuse Awareness and raises funds for Project Lifesaver

Thursday, June 15th was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The North Myrtle Beach
Woman’s club petitioned the city to sign a proclamation setting this day aside to bring
awareness to the community about our most vulnerable citizens, our elderly. Chief of Police
Dana Crowell attended the event and read the proclamation.

The woman’s club then hosted an event at Mission BBQ to educate the community about Elder
Abuse which can take a-many forms, those identified by the National Center on Elder Abuse
include neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, emotional or psychological,
financial, or material exploitation, and self-neglect. The club was also raising funds for SOS
Care’s Project Lifesaver, approximately $1,000 was donated through the generosity of those in
attendance. This life saving program allows individuals who may be prone to wandering to be
tracked. This is done, using a radio frequency tracking bracelet. Multiple North Myrtle Beach
Police officers have been trained to use this technology to find individuals wearing these
bracelets. What may have taken untold man hours, days or weeks in the past may now take as
little as 30 minutes. This is life-changing for our elderly population, especially those in our
community who have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

If you are interested in learning more about the North Myrtle Beach Women’s Club, please visit
their website at – northmyrtlebeachwomansclub.org or Facebook – North Myrtle Beach
Woman’s Club.

If you would like to learn more about SOS Care’s Project Lifesaver or make a donation, please
visit their website at – soscaresc.org or Facebook – SOS Care.


Pictured are a few of the women from the North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club, who hosted the event.
Monique Clement SOS Care-Project Lifesaver and Kristy LeVasseur, Community Ambassador for Mission BBQ

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