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Soccer summer camp got underway Tuesday with 100 kids

By John Smithson
Kids from ages five to twelve filed in to the NMB Middle School soccer field Tuesday morning for a chance to better their skills during the three day event. The summer camp was sponsored jointly by the city of North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation Department and North Myrtle Beach High School. The high school’s girls varsity soccer coach Kelsey Winkler stated that the camp was being held from 9 am to twelve noon Tuesday through Thursday, with 100 boys and girls between the ages of five and twelve registered.
Winkler said the camp was broken up into three days of activities. “Typically on the first day we do ball work, getting them used to having the soccer ball at their feet. We will practice skills related to that, warm up exercises with the ball, learning how to pass the ball, touching the ball with each foot. Then we will do some games with the kids incorporating those skills.”

“Day two we will work more on teamwork, shooting the ball, and we will finish the day actually playing, with more competitive aspects, playing four on four or five on five, things like that. On the last day we will put the kids on teams, splitting them up according to ages 5-12. We will let them play some fun games. Really the purpose of the camp is getting them interested in soccer and learning more about the game,” Winkler concluded. Winkler stated that all her varsity girls would be assisting her during the three day camp.

Amanda Player Wofford handed out a souvenir t-shirt to one of the 100 kids attending the summer soccer camp at NMB Middle School. Wofford is the Athletic and Sports Tourism Manager for the city of North Myrtle Beach. The city and NMB High School partner the summer soccer camp, with Wofford doing the registration and t-shirts, and the school running the program. Wofford stated she enjoyed working on the camps and helping to build the soccer programs.

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