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Several gurneys in front of McLeod Seacoast are full of food and supplies for the staff. On the left are JoAnn Stevens and Paula Yanis from the Rotary Club. Together with Vickie Harrison they organized the Rotary Club’s activities for the health care drive.

Some Little River organizations honor their health care heroes

Food Lion in Little River provided a substantial amount of food and treats to the health care drive. From left to right are Paula Yanis, Cheryl Korzik and JoAnn Stevens from Rotary and staff employees at Food Lion. Food Lion is a strong supporter of food for the needy in this community.

A box lunch for 50 staff people at Tidelands in Little River was prepared and delivered by the Little River Deli.  Pictured from left to right are Ernie Johnson from Tidelands, Vickie Harrison from the Rotary Club, Joe from the Little River Deli who delivered lunch and JoAnn Stevens from the Rotary Club. The deli has its own hardships as a result of the shutdown and still helps the community.

By Craig Hill

This is a nice display of toilet paper for the Tidelands staff, which is a precious and unusual commodity in these trying times.

A few weeks ago, when the pandemic started and things began to close, Sandy Boggs, a member of the Rotary Club of Little River, suggested that the club recognize the health care workers in the community for their efforts. With the club’s approval, Vickie Harrison, club president; Paula Yanis, president-elect; and JoAnn Stevens, president nominee; began work to see what help they could muster in the community. They contacted the Lions Club of Little River and the Little River Chamber of Commerce and they agreed to participate also. Together, a concerted drive to provide recognition and support for McLeod Seacoast and Tidelands Hospital, both located in Little River, began.

Thanks to publicity from the North Myrtle Beach Times, the Chamber and the service organizations, food and supplies rolled in. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Chamber acted as a drop off and delivery point. The Parson’s Table Restaurant collected and delivered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Ed Murray, owner of the restaurant, is a past president of the Rotary Club and he volunteered early to assist the movement. Additionally, the North Myrtle Beach Lions Club and the North Myrtle Beach Pilot Club made substantial contributions and became partners in the drive. Lowes Foods and Food Lion stores donated food and treats in quantity. Paula Yanis also made and contributed little goodie bags of candy for the hospitals. Vickie Harrison contacted the Little River Deli and they agreed to create a box lunch at a special price for the Tidelands staff which they then delivered. Harrison contacted Lance Restaurant Supply and said Tidelands needed toilet paper for the staff. Lance made some available at a time where the item was very hard to find. MF Scratch Catering and Events also made substantial contributions at a time they were closed down because of the pandemic.

Hundreds of folks donated so many items for our hospitals. We can’t thank the residents of our community enough. To borrow a phrase from the Rotary Club, we are part of a little community with a big heart. We are very proud of our two great hospitals.

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