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Turkey Trot is held down Daisy Hallways

Daisy Elementary School’s second annual Turkey Trot was scheduled to be run at Loris Nature Park. Due to inclement weather the activity was held within the hallways of the school. On Thursday, Nov. 17, from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. students in the Fun Run after school program met in the gymnasium where Betsy Faulk, the P.E. teacher, provided instructions and rules for the run.

The Fun Run program has over 40 members who have a set goal of 26.2 miles, the amount of miles in a marathon, they must meet by the end of the school year. They join the national organization Marathon Kids and Daisy is one of the three South Carolina schools to be part of the plan to stay fit. Faulk said, “We begin with exercises to warm up before they run and have a nutritious snack when they finish the run.” The members meet one day a week and run the pavement at the school. Lily Grace Mishoe, a fifth grader, said, “We are a running for fitness club where we run about 2 miles each week.” She feels energized and she likes the people and making new friends. “I got to wear a tutu,” she said, “the teacher said we can dress up for today’s run.” Mishoe may be exaggerating a bit, they run 1.5 to 2 miles a week per Faulk.

The club attended the Jingle Bell Run last year in Myrtle Beach. These students enjoy running and being a part of a group that is looking for healthy ways to stay fit. Adah Hightower, a 4th grader, said, “This is my first year in the club and I like it because it gets my heart pumping and it’s fun.” Hightower explained that two teachers, Mr. Sig and Mr. Drake, were in a contest for the week collecting money. The one who made the most money had to wear the turkey suit in school for the day to promote the afternoon event.

Faulk stated that the Loris IGA has donated apples and bananas as a nutritional snack, and water is provided to each child to keep them hydrated and cool off after a long run.

The students were joined by students who are not members of the Fun Run afternoon program. They began the run at the front office and ran down the first grade hall, rounded the corner down the second grade hall and ran to the fourth grade hallway where there was a trap set for them to stop and roll down the pads set up on the ramp. They jump up and run down the fifth grade hall where they collect a feather for each lap. They begin again until they have run four laps through the halls. There were girls holding hands and running, many happy faces and some runners speeding a bit. It was all in fun for both students and staff who helped along the route. After the third lap some students who are not in the program slowed down to a little jog or a walk. Just as long as they finish the run with four feathers they were successful.

Of course what is a Turkey Trot without a turkey, Chris Frappaolo, behavioral counselor, wore the suit for the after school run. The turkey gobbled and lurked upon the students through the hallways. No student wants to be pecked by the turkey and they run a little quicker.

After the run was completed nonmembers were released to go home. The members remained in the gym to participate in the monthly recycling program. In October Daisy won a $300 gift certificate from Office Max. Penny Green, a 4th grade teacher, helps with the program. They used the certificate to purchase much needed school supplies.
Green with helpers set up plastic, aluminum and paper products in the middle of the gym. The students gathered with 5th graders on one side and 4th graders on the other side. It is a relay run for the students. They run to the pile of items and return them to the proper box to recycle. This task did not take long, though it seems the 4th graders had a little more energy after the Turkey Trot as they won the relay race.

Bella Savich made a box with items that are recyclable, she said, “Miss Brandi said that I can make the box to wear during the relay race.” She let her friend Riley Herring wear the box, which she wore during the relay race. “It didn’t slow me down,” said Herring.

Daisy Elementary staff and students enjoyed a day of excitement with the two events combined. Not only do they get the exercise, they learn about recycling. Any student in 3rd through 4th grade can join the Fun Run program as Lily Grace Mishoe says, “It’s fun.”