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Two Local Businesses Receive Recognition

The Horry County Board of Architectural Review’s Legacy Business Recognition Program will recognize two Loris businesses on Nov. 9 with ribbon cutting ceremonies. A ceremony will be held at Blanton Building Supplies at 10:30 am, and at Ford’s Fuel & Propane at 11 a.m. The ceremonies are free and open to the public.

The W. F. Cox Co. was founded in 1954 by Paul Rogers Sr., Charles Leggette and James P. Blanton who served as the general manager. In 1969, Rogers and Blanton purchased the Leggette portion of the business and remained together until the retirement of James P. Blanton in 1981. At this time, the Rogers family retained the name of W. F. Cox Co. and the building supply was established with the name Blanton Supplies Inc., owned by the Blanton family. Frankie Blanton started as a sales person on Oct. 1, 1968. Frankie still serves as the CEO and has just completed 50 years of service.

Ford’s Fuel and Propane opened in 1923 by a family that moved to Loris from Page Mill, S.C. Founder, Walter Boyd Ford, delivered gasoline with a mule and wagon during the construction of Highway 9 and continued to keep the Ford family business going through the my-antidepressant-info.com. His son and grandsons ventured into many different types of services over the years, but the focus has stayed on supplying the very best product and services at a competitive price.

The Horry County Legacy Business Recognition Program pays tribute to local businesses that have contributed to the economic heritage of Horry County for more than 50-continuous years.

Blanton Building Supply is located at 5001 Broad St. in Loris and Ford’s Fuel and Propane is located at 4115 Holly St. in Loris.
For more information contact Lou Conklin, senior planner with Horry County Planning & Zoning at 843-915-5340.