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Dalton Pictures Studio movie sound stages coming to Main Street in Loris

Construction has been in progress for two years behind paper backed windows of multiple buildings on Main Street in Loris. Complete renovations, which include complete demolition from floors to roofs, will become the Dalton Picture Studio facilities.

The infrastructure of the buildings are all completely new with 2,000 amps of new three phase service, plumbing, everything to make the studio system modern and up to date.

“We have been working six and seven days a week for several years keeping the news quiet from the public. Loris City Council signed NDA’s two years ago, as well as a few members of the chamber of commerce,” stated Jerry Dalton, president of Dalton Pictures.

Crews have been working hard on the construction of the Dalton Picture Studio facilities, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year or early 2024.

“Everyone that knows is very excited and so are we to finally announce the vision of what is to come. In fact ‘coming soon’ has a whole new meaning in Loris. Film tourism will become part of the Loris landscape as the down town will be utilized for filming both motion picture and television and web series content. Dalton Pictures will begin filming a feature film and a series pilot as soon as the buildout is complete,” Dalton said.

Dalton Pictures last production, “A Carolina Christmas”, opened in theaters across the country in 2020. Including but not limited to the biggest screens in the industry, IMAX. The opening sequence and some of the interior production took place in Loris as well as Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach and Conway.

“This isn’t just a Loris thing, this is a regional play. To my knowledge this is the first of its kind in the nation. A functioning downtown is part of a studio system. The facades can be altered efficiently and the interiors can include up to nine sets. One of the sets will be a restaurant stage which can be altered quickly into different themes. The vision is turning into reality.

Construction has been in progress for two years behind paper backed windows of multiple buildings on Main Street in Loris.

Film tourism will be a portion of what the area will enjoy. Tours will take place as filming is in progress allowing a behind the scenes interaction and you may just end up in the production. Those who sign releases while street scape scenes are being filmed and when extras are needed are likely to come from the tours. Then they can watch themselves forever immortalized in a motion picture or television show or series.

“Just a few short years ago, I met Jerry Dalton. We hit it off immediately, he was interested in Loris in a big way. He brought his knowledge of the film and movie business to Loris and hasn’t slowed down since. Making movies and renovating buildings in downtown Loris is everyday life for him. I’m proud he’s chosen Loris and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Along came Jerry Dalton and Loris Film and Art Commission was born shortly thereafter,” said Loris Mayor Todd Harrelson.

“I’m excited about the investment the folks at Dalton Pictures are making in the Loris community. Welcoming the film industry creates limitless opportunities for our economy and is very much in line with the theme of diversifying industry in the region,” said Cobi Williams of the Loris Chamber of Commerce.

Dalton Pictures Studio movie sound stages is located on Main Street in Loris and is expected to be ready by late 2023 or early 2024.

The day pass will include lunch from one of the downtown food establishments as well as some cool merch and an experience like no other. This will be a great thing for the region and will help to promote even more tourism in the Grand Strand, Waccamaw region.

“Who doesn’t like the adventure of movies or television,” asked Dalton. “I talk to many different walks of life and as soon as I mention that I am in the motion picture industry, eyes light up, whether it be a young person looking for their first job or a neurosurgeon. It invokes a level of fantasy, which is a great thing. When people leave to head back home, not only did they get to stay at one of the best beaches in the Untied States, they also get to go home and tell their friends and family what they were a part of.”

Communication with larger production houses in the west have begun to help facilitate new production to the area as Loris sets the stage for an industry that truly is magical.

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