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Providing Hope VA breaks ground for new facility in Loris


On Wednesday, Jan. 25, Providing Hope VA held a groundbreaking event that will eventually change lives of many veterans in and around the area.

Located at Highway 701 South in Loris, operation will expand to veteran housing facilities, emergency and transitional housing for veterans and veterans with children. They will also provide employment workshops and medical assistance. The facility will be a safe and familiar setting for veterans to gather together and seek support from their community.

The founder of Providing Hope VA, Billy Arehart, started this foundation five years ago in his garage. Arehart said, “When Providing Hope was founded, our biggest goal was to build the Providing Hope Center. It is intended to be a one-stop-shop, so to speak, for veterans in need. Whether it is housing, clinical care, counseling, personal finance or understanding benefits, whatever the case, the Providing Hope Center will help provide all of these things.”

Minta Threatte, program director for Providing Hope VA, said, “We landed in a wonderful town and are a non-profit without limits, like Loris’ motto, ‘A city without limits.’ Today we are here to celebrate homeless veterans and the community of veterans. We do not have borders. This is an exciting opportunity to spread our wings in Loris. I would like to thank the mayor and Samantha Norris from the Loris Chamber of Commerce. Samantha has been a great asset helping us through this time of transition.”

Mayor Todd Harrelson said, “This is such a pleasure to be here today to honor veterans and veterans in need because they are the backbone of the United States of America. As a city, we will do everything we can to help.”

For more information, contact Threatte at 843-756-0731.

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